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Comprehensive and Indispensable Guides To Truck-Related Litigation, Volumes 1 & 2

by David N. Nissenberg, Esq.

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If you average the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) statistics on a weekly basis, you will find that each week 78 people are killed and 2,230 people are injured in crashes involving large trucks. The claims and litigation that are being generated by these accidents are hitting all-time highs. As this happens, the issues in these cases become more complex as courts continue to interpret more and more provisions in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations and new theories are being offered by attorneys trying to win their cases.

David Nissenberg is a San Diego trial attorney with a national practice. Please link to his biography/CV for a full recitation of his career, his other writings and lectures. His Martindale Hubbell rating is AV Preeminent. He is the former president of Truck Litigation Resource Center and is currently a member of the AAJ interstate trucking group. David Nissenberg is on the national board of directors of The Academy of Truck Accident Attorneys.

David Nissenberg is available to attorneys throughout the country to act as co-counsel or consultant in cases of catastrophic injury or death arising from crashes involving trucks, tractor-trailers, intermodal chassis/container combinations and other types of commercial motor vehicles.

His treatise on commercial trucking law, THE LAW OF COMMERCIAL TRUCKING: DAMAGES TO PERSONS AND PROPERTY (3d, ed.) (Lexis Nexis) is used widely throughout this country by plaintiffs and defense attorneys and is often referred to as "the Bible" on the subject of commercial trucking law and litigation. David Nissenberg's 4 hour CLE seminar titled "TRUCK ACCIDENT LITIGATION IN A NUTSHELL" has been presented to thousands of attorneys over an eleven year period in 47 states. When he started in 1996 there were no other like type seminars offered to plaintiff’s attorneys.The practice area now recognized as truck accident litigation did not exist. David Nissenberg's groundbreaking efforts laid the foundation for this burgeoning area of the law.


There is not a human being alive who knows more about the intricacies of trucking litigation and all its nuances. He has an amazing storehouse of knowledge
Oct. 2008, APITLA Conference, Atlanta, Overcoming the Independent Contractor Defense
David’s two-volume treatise, The Law of Commercial Trucking: Damages to Persons and Property, is the Bible for understanding commercial trucking litigation …. The treatise is a must for any litigator involved in a truck accident case.
National Business Institute materials on trucking regulations, 2012.
He has written the definitive text in this country on
commercial trucking law.
September 2011, APITLA Conference, St. Louis – Maximizing Recovery in Cases Involving Intermodal Containers and Chassis.
Thank you for putting money in this
plaintiff's attorneys pocket
Attendee at Atlanta seminar.
Mediator's admonition to defense attorneys at Los Angeles mediation of catastrophic truck accident case involving intermodal container: “As I see it, you have two choices: Either settle now or go to trial and watch Mr. Nissenberg explain the law to the judge.
The Case Was Settled
"David Nissenberg is the scholarly guru on all things related to motor carrier law. I enlisted his help in preparation of legal theories and briefing in a tough multiple fatality case in south Georgia. After I translated his brilliance and depth of knowledge into south Georgia vernacular, it worked like a charm. Recovery for our clients was multiplied several times over due to implementation of his ideas for tapping a much deeper pocket than the mom and pop trucking company. I couldn’t have done it without him. I would say more but it was a confidential settlement."
Ken Shigley, former President of the State Bar of Georgia.

To reach David Nissenberg please email him at dnnesq@gmail.com or call him at 858-254-5584.

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